Dollar Spot


On fine textured and close-cut turf, the disease appears as round, brown to straw-colored and somewhat sunken spots approximately the size of a silver dollar. In coarse textured grasses maintained at taller cutting heights, the dead spots are larger and more diffuse. Spots are often seen in clusters. Dollar spot is readily distinguished from other turf disease by light-tan lesions with a reddish-brown border on the leaf blades of live plants near the edge of the affected area. On fine bladed grasses, the lesions usually girdle the leaf blade.

Inviting Environments

– Night temperatures less than 50 degrees
– Day temperatures greater than 90 degrees
– 10 + hours of leaf wetness for several days.
– Severe on a stressed turf from a recent drought.

Did you Know?

The disease is much more severe under a low nitrogen fertility. You can avoid this by maintaining a balanced fertilization program throughout the growing season. Our team of professionals can help with keeping your lawn the way you deserve it… Happy & Healthy.


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