Japanese Beetles

A Little About Your Pest

The Japanese Beetle is the most abundant and important landscape pest in Ohio. The adult beetles eat the leaves and flowers of over 300 varieties of plants. The adult beetles start feeding and mating around June and continue through the middle of August. After mating, the female beetle will lay her eggs in the grass (about 40-60 eggs). The eggs hatch in 8-14 days into a grub(Larvae). The grubs are dirty white in color with “C” shaped bodies. Depending on the species they range from 1.25 to 1.3 inches in length. The grubs feed on organic material in the soil. By eating the organic matter in the grass these grubs sever the grass from its root system. This will cause the grass to brown and eventually die.

Did you Know?

Skunks, Crows, Raccoon, or moles feeding in or around the lawn indicate grub activity. Since the grubs are a subsurface insect you usually do not realize your lawn has an infection until the damage is present. So keep an eye out for their predators. If you spot them in your lawn its a good indication something is attracting them there.

How Can We Help?

Our team is specially trained to locate & define signs of grub infestations before they become a huge issue. Our team analyzes your lawn in order to design a successful grub preventative program. We find the appropriate times and proper applications to rid off these pests before they begin causing immense damage to your lawn. We will follow up throughout the year with any additional applications necessary in order to keep your lawn happy and healthy.

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