Customer Service


At Advanced Quality Lawn we understand that changes in weather and soil—as well as many other variables—can impact the results of our services. That is why we offer Service Calls for our customers. If you ever have a question or a concern, simply call our office and we will do our best to address it. We ask that the homeowner wait 9-14 days after the treatment before requesting a Service Call. This is because fertilizer treatments take some time to take effect and we want to be certain of its results. If your lawn does indeed need a service call, our customer service representatives will be happy to schedule an appointment and get your lawn looking as good as it can.

We take pride in every property that we service. We also guarantee all our full-program services in both Lawn Care and Tree and Shrub Care. If you’re not satisfied with our results, we will diagnose the problem and make every reasonable effort to rectify the concern.

Contact the AQL4U customer service team through our online forms, by phone at 330-655-1313, by email and by regular mail. We will be happy to assist you in getting set up with one of our lawn care programs and help you figure out any issues that may pop up after a treatment.