The requirements for professional tree and shrub care are consistently and frequently disregarded. But a thriving and attractive landscape can immensely improve the health and aesthetics of your land while growing its value.

Tree care in Akron, Ohio has never been better—never more efficient. Our Tree & Shrub Care Services program is anchored with deep root feedings in order to promote healthy new growth and strong root development. Our Insect & Disease sprays are specially formulated for the plant material and hinder potential concerns from 2-8 weeks in advance. The problem with spraying active insects and diseases is…  It’s unfortunately too late. The damage has already been done. This is the reasoning as to why we look at the type of plant, current weather, soil temperature, and future weather forecast when forming a consistent and effective plan of attack. Experienced and professional, let Advance Quality Lawn help with all of your Akron tree and shrub care services today!

quality lawn
as low as $39.95 per
Includes 7 Specialized Application Visits:
Dormant Oil
Spring Deep Root Feeding
Spring Protection
Summer Protection
Early Fall Protection
Fall Deep Root Feeding
Winter Protection (Dormant Oil / Vapor Guard)

Our Tree & Shrub Program is not designed to control every insect and all diseases because complete eradication is not possible. Our program is designed to keep the insect population from over growing keeping their feedings less intense. We also spray for diseases is advance to attempt to stop initial growth activity. Our program is designed to aid with your plants growth and flowering rather than repair.